Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Motion Analysis Software module with a High Performance Attitude

Best of all, it’s the most affordable package available worldwide. You now have the opportunity to integrate MaxTRAQ and MaxMATE into your classroom, use it as a training tool, or even add a new dimension to your research. Since MaxTRAQ is modular by design, you can start with MaxTRAQ 2D and easily upgrade to 3D when you are ready.

AutoTracking & Manual Digitizing

The Automatic Tracking feature is extremely robust. Track your data with confidence. You can go through frame by frame to look at angles, distance between points, etc. For applications where markers are not an option there is a “manual” tracking mode with an automatic “advance to the next frame” feature making the task of manually tracking each marker much easier.

Inexpensive - Easy To Use - Flexible

Analyzing motion does not need to be expensive or hard to use. MaxTRAQ is a flexible solution for your budget. No need to buy a new camera. Use your already existing camera. MaxTRAQ does not discriminate which camera you choose to use. All you need are AVI or MPEG files. MaxTRAQ can run as a stand-alone application, automation server, or as an ActiveX component can easily integrated into other analysis packages such as our MaxMATE analysis module.

Multiple Edition

MaxTRAQ exists in different editions so that you only pay for what you need. The Educational Edition is sold with books such as "The Biomechanical Basis of Human Movement" by Joe Hamill. The following table show the differences between the different editions:

Feature Educational Lite+ Standard
Analysis/ Tools
Manual Digitizing
Auto Tracking
Video Recorder
Simple Script
Widgets/ Wizard
Network License
Hardware Dongle (Additional)

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