Thursday, 22 October 2015

JAI's Industrial Cameras for Automation Industry

JAI's industrial CCD/CMOS cameras are used for a wide range of industrial machine vision, medical, transportation and global security applications, helping to improve quality, safety and productivity.

The automotive industry is a quality critical industry. Vision technology is applied not only by car manufacturers directly on the assembly line, but also by car component sub-suppliers specializing in quality production of e.g. brake systems, gearboxes, catalytic converters, tires, airbags and other critical car components.

JAI’s camera technology delivers high quality images used in a wide range of applications in assembly, process verification and gauging as well as robot guidance. Typical examples include on-line inspection of critical dimensions, assembly gaps/angles, reading of data matrix codes, flaw detection, welding quality and spray finishes.

JAI camera technology is also applied in the design process of cars in connection with testing and verification of aerodynamic efficiency in wind tunnels and for strain/stress testing of body sheet metal and other vital car parts.

Some of the JAI Cameras Useful in Automation Industry are

  • Area Scan Cameras
JAI provides a broad offering of single-sensor area scan cameras featuring progressive scan technology. These cameras incorporate a mixture of CCD and CMOS sensors with resolutions ranging from VGA up to 20 megapixels.

These Area Scan Cameras cameras deliver impressive combinations of high resolution, multi-tap frame rates, extended sensitivity, excellent thermal management, and advanced pre-processing features for applications where image fidelity is critical.

  • Area Scan Cameras (2/3 CCD)
JAI is the foremost provider of prism-based Area Scan camera technology for industrial imaging. These advanced designs enable two, three, or more sensors (CCD or CMOS) to be precisely aligned to a single optical path to deliver unique capabilities for machine vision, medical, scientific, Automation or other applications.

Leveraging proprietary designs, patented alignment techniques, and years of hands-on assembly experience, JAI’s multi-imager, prism-based area scan cameras provide both superior image fidelity and the durability to perform in a wide range of laboratory and industrial settings.

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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Baumar Sensors help to keep food High tech and hygiene

Hygienic safety and optimized production, processing, storage, filling and bottling processes: food and beverage production is a very complex matter. And with our unique and extremely wide portfolio, we are optimally prepared for this tricky process. In the long food processing chain from raw material to the retail market, Baumer sensors provide valuable support in many places.

For example, Machine Vision System By Baumer Sernsors refined the principle of frequency deviation technology for level measuring. The functional principle here exploits the fact that every material, regardless of its consistency, has a a particular permeability for electrical fields, so it is possible to distinguish media reliably and replace the vibrating fork principle which is more susceptible to errors.

The list of possible applications is long: Baumer sensors perform pressure, temperature and level measurement tasks during food processing with great precision. Baumer offers reliable aids for food packaging, filling or storage as well as for quality control.

Glitch-free brewery process despite foam and sticky media

 With Baumer's CleverLevel, the clever alternative to the vibrating fork, process stoppage is a thing of the past. Do you experience overflow issues in your excess yeast tanks due to the sensor not detecting foam? Or does foam in your CIP caustic tank cause overflow issues or even cause pumps to run dry? Baumer offers you the perfect solution with CleverLevel. Universally usable for all types of media. Installed as high and low limits throughout the complete brewing process from raw barley storage to maturation.

Baumar Sensor Application in Brewery – Food and Beverage Industry

  • Foam overflow protection in the yeast tank
Baumer Sernsors - CleverLevel easily detects any sticky or adhesive foam in excess yeast tanks to avoid overflow during filling.

Dry run protection of your pumps
CleverLevel can reliably ignore any foam – light, thick, sticky, or non-sticky – and therefore prevent your pumps from running dry. - See more at:
Dry run protection of your pumps
CleverLevel can reliably ignore any foam – light, thick, sticky, or non-sticky – and therefore prevent your pumps from running dry. - See more at:
  • Dry run protection of your pumps
CleverLevel can reliably ignore any foam – light, thick, sticky, or non-sticky – and therefore prevent your pumps from running dry

  • Foam overflow protection in caustic CIP tanks
CleverLevel ignores or detects foam which allows for reliable filling of the caustic CIP tank. The PEEK sensor tip is resistant to all cleaning medias used during CIP and supplied with in a robust stainless steel housing resistant to high pressure cleaning.

Baumer Sernsors - CleverLevel

Always the right level detection – the vibrating fork alternative.

Since pasty materials are prone to stick to these forks, it can often cause measuring errors when vibation level switches are used. Coarse granular media such as grains can easily become lodged between the forks and also cause measuring errors. Moreover, not only are the forks difficult to clean, but liquid and powder substances even require different fork designs. With the sensors of the CleverLevel switch, no media remnants or solids are able to accumulate on the sensors. A precise and reliable level detection is thus ensured even under difficult

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