Wednesday, 18 November 2015

High-Speed Industrial Cameras for Pharmaceuticals

Automation Machine System is used in various Industries in Mumbai, India. Automation or automatic control, is the use of various control systems for operating equipment such as machinery, processes in factories, boilers and heat treating ovens. This Automated Systems are also used to reduced human intervention. Some processes have been completely automated.

High-speed digital cameras today are generally thought of as expensive, cumbersome and difficult to operate. Now, Many Companies offers cameras with outstanding image quality at frame rates up to 16,000 per second in compact, point-and-shoot packages. Priced to fit demanding budgets, these high-speed cameras save time and money on the production line and simplify slow-motion research... right out of the box.

The pharmaceutical industry is continually being pushed to improve their overall processes through initiatives like GAMP, the Good Automated Manufacturing Process of the ISPE. Validation compliance and traceability are critical to success. Pharma’s many different products are manufactured and packaged in a variety of containers using automated packaging machines and lines. These high-speed cameras are used throughout the pharma industry for research and production.

The production of pharmaceuticals is subject to highest quality and safety requirements. In addition, various legal regulations make an immaculate production process indispensable.

Processes can be monitored, analyzed and optimized consistently with the help of high-speed cameras. By doing so, the high quality maintained in pharmaceutical industry can be assured and the efficiency of the production processes is increased.

In the packaging industry, there are various permanently growing requirements with respect to efficiency of processes. Fast and reliable process chains are essential critical factors for success. The use of high-speed cameras enables targeted monitoring and thus a steady enhancement of the whole production chain. Less errors result in a higher efficiency and return on investment. So, these High Speed Cameras are also used for Packing Pharmaceutical Products. 

The design of the high-speed cameras is ideally suited for the pharmaceutics and packaging industry.  Even under extreme conditions (e.g. varying temperatures, vibrations, difficult lighting situations, spatial limitations), they reliably provide significant pictures.

Owing to their excellent image quality, high speed and photo sensitivity, the high-speed cameras comply with the highest requirements.

In the pharmaceutical and packaging industry often long time recording is necessary in order to completely capture long-term processes and unexpected events or very fast successive single events. For these applications, the use of long time recording systems may be advisable. In continuous process control the pictures are transferred directly to a ring store hard disk system in real time. That way, interruptions that usually occur due to the time-consuming read out of data from the camera are omitted.

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