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Do You Know How 3CCD Color Line Scan Camera Work?

JAI Colour Line Scan Combine advanced prism technology with multiple CCD or CMOS linear sensors to deliver high performance color line scan solutions for high-speed web/continuous applications. Here in this Article you will also get to know about 3-CCD Colour Line Scan Cameras Application in manufacturing of ceramic tiles, Sorting of Fruit & Vegetables and printing presses. Also you Can use this Colour Line Scan Cameras in various Industries. For More Information Related to 3-CCD Colour Line Scan thCameras and how it can help in your Industry Contact Us @ (+ 91) 22 67993158

Major Colour line scan technologies

The principle of color line scan cameras can be explained by making an analogy with a well known piece of office equip- ment: the fax machine. When capturing an image, the x-axis is created by the line of pixels in the image sensor and the y-axis is created by the movement of the object. To provide the same aspect ratio in both x- and y-direction, systems based on line scan typically have an encoder to provide the desired line increments. Alternatively the speed of the object is maintained at a known and constant speed.

Today there are two major technologies used for color line scan cameras: tri-linear and 3CCD (or 3-chip). Both employ the same basic principle. Each color band (Red, Green and Blue) is captured with the full resolution of the imager. The major difference is that the tri-linear sensor scans the color bands in different physical planes, whereas the 3CCD solution scans through the same optical axis.

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