Sunday, 29 March 2015

Machine Vision Cameras for Industrial Inspection by Allied Vision

Allied Vision Technologies (AVT) offers one of the widest camera ranges in the market to ensure industrial processes are more efficient, more precise and deliver the best possible quality. Whether for final quality control, non-destructive testing, robotics or 3D measurement – AVT has the industrial camera you need. 

High Quality Machine Vision Cameras for High Quality Products

Industrial cameras from Allied Vision Technologies are designed to face the challenges of high or varying ambient temperatures, shocks and vibrations, and long-time operation for maximal durability and reliability. For example, the Prosilica GT features an extended operating temperature range from -20°C to +60°C. Designed and made in Germany and Canada according to the highest quality standards, all AVT cameras go through a thorough quality check including operation in climate chamber prior to shipping. Our cameras are nothing for amateurs. Because professionals need equipment they can count on.


Easy Integration in Automation Systems

Building cars is not the same as bottling sodas. Therefore, AVT offers a large choice of different housing architectures to fit in your industrial inspection system: from the small housing of the Guppy PRO to the board-level versions of the Stingray or Manta over the periscope-type concept of the Prosilica GB and Prosilica GS. The AVT Modular Concept offers additional angled-head orientations for an affordable price. And if you still don’t know how to integrate yourmachine vision camera, we can design it right to your needs. Our powerful SDKs ensure easy software development in all major operating systems and are compatible with the most popular third-party image processing software solutions.



Networking Interfaces for Multi-Camera Inspection

Quality inspection often implies observing an object from different vantage points or even generating a 3D model of the product from several images. With FireWire and Gigabit Ethernet, Allied Vision Technologies has the best suitable interfaces for high-performance, perfectly synchronized multi-camera systems. For example, the Stingray and Pike FireWire cameras feature two IEEE 1394b interface ports for daisy chain connectivity, which enables the cameras to be directly connected to each other with only one end of the chain linked to the host computer. GigE cameras offer the benefit of long network cable length.



High-Speed Imaging for Highest Productivity

Efficiency and productivity are key to any industrial inspection application. High camera frame rates and high-speed interfaces ensure the quality control will not slow down your production process. From 200 frames per second at VGA resolution up to 400 frames per second at 4 Megapixels, AVT cameras capture sharp images of what your bare eye cannot even see. And with Link Aggregation Group Gigabit Ethernet or Camera Link interfaces, you do not even have to trade off resolution for speed.

High Frame Rate Camera Selection

Bonito CL-4004 Megapixel400 fpsCamera Link
Prosilica GX10501 Megapixel112 fpsGigabit Ethernet
Prosilica GE680VGA205 fpsGigabit Ethernet
Pike F-032VGA208 fpsIEEE 1394b

Make the Invisible Visible With Infrared Imaging

Surface inspection is not always enough to guarantee the quality of a product. Allied Vision Technologies’ camera range also includes advanced infrared cameras. Using NIR/SWIR and LWIR technology, these cameras reveal product characteristics not visible with a conventional device such as temperature, material fatigue or hidden defects.

GoldeyeNear-Infrared (NIR/SWIR)Gigabit Ethernet, Camera Link
PearleyeLong-Wave Infrared (LWIR)Gigabit Ethernet

Industrial Inspection Case Study

Industrial inspection is the core market of machine vision. AVT cameras are used in a wide variety of industries around the world for quality inspection, automation and process optimization. This also includes industries processing natural products such as wood or fruit and vegetable. Our cameras are the eyes of robots and machines!

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