Tuesday, 3 May 2016

A Future-Proof Assembly Concept for High-End Philips Razors



Application: Assembly
Industry: Consumer Goods
Products used: Adept Cobra SCARA Robots
Adept Viper 6-Axis Robots
Adept AnyFeeder flexible feeder
Adept SmartController CX motion controller
ACE AdeptSight vision guidance
Customer: Philips
Integrator: Bremer Werk für Montagesysteme GmbH


 Production of shavers is under an immense cost pressure and the trade offer for the devices is quite large. In combination with factors like quality and design, the purchase decision is also affected by the price. To remain competitive under these conditions, Philips’ shaver production operates out of two production sites: one in China and the other in Drachten. Today, the China facility produces 20 million shavers with two shaving heads annually and the Drachten plant’s 1,500 employees produce close to eight million devices with three shaving heads per year. The Philips center for research and development also resides in Drachten, which means that all new Philips shavers, ranging from the standard model to the high-tech shaver, are developed out of this facility.


Philips required an automation solution that delivered quality, supported their profitability, and had the flexibility to adapt to any future product changes. Philips had the added challenge of requiring a production process that could assemble an enormous model variety of high-end razors - and the type of razor being assembled could change every day.


Bremer Werk für Montagesysteme GmbH or "BWM" selected Adept as their single source for robotics for the Philips project. BWM built a future-proof fully-flexible automation solution using Adept components like the Cobra SCARA and AnyFeeder. More than 120 robots and 40 AnyFeeder systems provide a frictionless assembly system for razors. The robots impress with their precision, speed, and availability to perform the tasks with the highest level of accuracy.A key element to the success of the line is the AnyFeeder flexible feeding system. The inherent flexibility of the system affected a number of areas throughout the assembly automation process: wherever efficient assembly with a high-degree of individualization mattered.

The solution consists of:

  • Adept Viper 6-axis s650 and s850 robots
  • Adept Cobra SCARA s350, s600, and s800 robots
  • AdeptSight vision guidance and inspection systems
  • Adept AnyFeeder flexible feeding systems


The groundbreaking automation solution guarantees an economic and efficient assembly of high-end razors. In connection with the innovative components from Adept, the sophisticated assembly concept assures an unrivaled level of sustainability and the Philips plant is one of the most innovative production lines for high-end consumer goods.

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