Friday, 12 December 2014

Smart Thermal Cameras

There are many reasons to choose thermal cameras for mainstream, outdoor security applications. As prices fall and capabilities increase, new applications are emerging that leverage the advantages offered by thermal technology for securing outdoor assets. The result is a market tipping point for Thermal Cameras and an opportunity to use the best detection technology available for costs that meet or beat less-effective approaches.

A Technological Breakthrough

Smart Thermal Cameras have always been a good choice for security applications used during the night because they are able to “see in the dark,” protecting areas where lighting is unavailable or too costly to deploy. When combined with video analytics, Smart thermal cameras offer real-time, pre-emptive security with instant notification of security violations. Recent advancements in the sensitivity of thermal imagers, combined with sophisticated image processing, make thermal cameras an accurate, 24-hour solution. Thermal Cameras now present clear thermal images regardless of rain, humidity, fog or sun, delivering detail instead of blurrier images once associated with black-and-white technology. Cameras use a high degree of on-board video processing to emphasize small temperature variations between objects and the background to exaggerate the fine details in contrast to other image features.

Smart Thermal Camera a New Option for Theft Prevention

In the past, thermal cameras were typically deployed to protect large, critical infrastructure applications in which a disruption in operations would have serious economic impact. However, as smart, thermal cameras with on-board video analytics, the technology now makes sense in less missioncritical environments. In fact, one of the most fundamentally security function, theft prevention, can now be addressed economically using the same sophisticated thermal camera solutions. Applications range from copper theft at electric substations, securing equipment at maintenance yards, protecting car parking lots, securing the millions of oil and gas well heads in use and other areas where theft prevention remains a key objective.

The prior approach for these applications has been to use a “blind” sensor, such as coax on the fence that acts as an intrusion detector, which required augmentation by a camera to determine the cause of the alert. These systems were not fully effective due to the sensors generating many nuisance alerts, and they were costly because they involved the use of two separate systems: a sensor system and a video system. Thermal detection cameras offer a functional advantage over these traditional solutions because thermal cameras simultaneously detect and “see” an alarm event 24-hours per day, providing instantaneous validation for prompt action.

The result is a viable, single-technology solution that reduces costs for securing and monitoring assets and facilities around the clock.

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