Monday, 25 August 2014

Transform Sony Block Cameras into GigE or USB 3.0 Cameras

Pleora’s plug-and play external frame grabbers provide a fast, economical and low-risk way for manufacturers to leverage the design, cost and performance benefits of Ethernet or USB 3.0 for a wide range of imaging systems, including medical, robotics and security applications.

The iPORT SB-GigE and SB-U3 transmit low latency video with the highest frame rates possible, along with power and control data, between a Sony block camera and existing ports on a PC or display panel over a more flexible, lower-cost Ethernet or USB 3.0 cable.

With Pleora’s external frame grabbers for Sony block cameras, designers can:

Reduce system complexity
Simplify cabling
Use a broader selection of smaller form factor and lower-power computing platforms, including laptops, embedded systems, and tablets.        
About PLEORA Technologies

Pleora offers a complete portfolio of Gigabit Ethernet (GigE)-based video interface products for integration into high-performance vision sytems that all work seamlessly together using the GigE Vision® and GenICam™ standards. 

Learn more about how Pleora can help you optimize the design and performance of vision systems by exploring our product lines below.

About Menzel Vision & Robotics Pvt. Ltd.

Menzel is a company solely involved in catering to the growing imaging solution needs in India. South Asia & the South East Asia. Be it simple video inspection , machine vision or detailed image analysis, be it surface inspection for defects or quantification of microstructure measurement data, be it a research project or a production line, has an imaging solution for every application.

Ease of operation, fast, accurate result and a great price performance ratio and most importantly providing a solution that works for you from day one are the key factors that go into the integration of each of our imaging solution.

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