Sunday, 29 June 2014

Let's talk about our new ISG LightWise IQ Smart Cameras!

Why this feature set is ideal for Security / Surveillance and for ITS / Traffic (Intelligent Transportation Systems):
  • Truesense Imaging CCD's (16Mp & 29Mp) offers the Best Image Quality in the world. ISG has the cleanest analog front-end in the industry. Advanced image processing is our specialty, our smooth sensor output matching results in superior image quality.
  • GigE Vision: Industry standard camera interface, ensure compatibility with software & systems. Fast image transfers using low-cost cabling.
  • On-Board CPU running the latest Linux offers full programmability.
  • On-Board high-performance FPGA for customization and to accelerate algorithms.
  • On-Board Memory for highest system performance.
  • Network GigE Port = FTP capable, control of camera from remote locations without interrupting video.
  • Lens Control = Programmable lens control for Aperture and Focus from remote locations
  • USB2 Ports (2) = Flash Drive Storage for Image Data, Keyboard/Mouse for terminal usage
  • Advanced Triggers and Strobes = Programmable, offers flexibility with external signaling and external illumination control
  • NSTC Input = provides video synchronization for context knowledge for incident comprehension
These features make the IQ Camera Family the most advanced Security / Surveillance and traffic / ITS camera in the world.

ISG cameras are used in transportation and traffic for:
  • Traffic Congestion Inspection
  • Traffic Enforcement
  • Speed enforcement
  • Parking Lot Security
  • Toll Booth Monitoring and Highway Toll Payment Systems
  • OCR and license plate recognition
  • Roadway inspection
  • Rail car safety monitoring
  • Railway track inspection
  • Railway signal inspection
  • Shipping container tracking
  • Automotive driver assistance systems

ISG cameras are used in Security and Surveillance for :
  • Airport Concourse Security
  • Facial Recognition
  • Port Security
  • Military Security & Surveillance
  • NAVY Ship Security
  • NAVY Sea Operations
  • Situational Awareness
  • Friend or Foe Detection
  • Munitions Guidance
  • Rifle Accuracy Improvements

Contact ISG now to learn more about these cameras and receive excellent pricing !

Custom Camera, The Imaging Solutions Group is a firm specializing in delivering turnkey custom camera and imaging systems to a demanding worldwide marketplace. With Imaging Solution Group IP, the Design Services team has taken full custom systems from concept through manufacturing/test and into full production. 

We also migrate existing multi-component (camera, PC, electronics) systems to fully integrated vision solutions, thereby reducing cost and increasing performance. 

ISG is a world leader in ODM "Original Design Manufacture" for the imaging industry.  Well known throughout the world for Imaging ODM and Digital Camera ODM expertise.

1394 Camera

ISG also provides a series of configurable OEM Smart cameras for a wide range of imaging applications. These cameras come with a rich feature set allowing quick integration into existing vision applications. A wide selection of linear, global shutter, and rolling shutter CMOS sensors is also available.

FireWire Camera

With either direction, the Imaging Solutions Group can help you achieve success through quality products and experienced design services.

Contact us at:

Menzel Vision & Robotics Pvt Ltd
Address: 4, A-Wing, Bezzola Complex, 
Sion Trombay Road, Chembur
400071 Mumbai, India 
Tel:(+91) 22 67993158 
Fax: (+91) 22 67993159
Mobile:+91 9323786005 / 9820143131

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